Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Pick up lines that Really Work!!1!

I was talking before about how I thought the 'pick up artist' movement was bad for men and made them lonely. pandagon today has a nice post about an analysis of emails sent through OK cupid. Certain words and phrases are more likely to elicit a positive response than others. The analysis shows that conventional pick up lines are not the way forward. There are some clear graphs.

In brief - the emails most likely to get a reply from women talk politely about the woman's individual profile or post ('You mention...', 'I notice that...', 'I'm curious what...') as do self-deprecating lines ('I apologise...', 'awkward...', 'sorry...') while pick-up lines get a negative response ('sexy', 'hot', even 'you're pretty').

It's kind of obvious really, and I'm sure the gents on my f-list know this kind of thing instinctively, without even trying. Just talk to women like they were regular folks.
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