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Moon came to the Warwick Arts Centre, so we went to see it last night. It's an humane and good-hearted small-scale SF film, about a lonely guy who is working on the far side of the moon, servicing the harvesting of the lunar regolith for helium 3. The guy is played by Sam Rockwell, and as he is on screen almost all the time it's good that he's so nice to look at, and puts himself whole-heartedly into the part. I warmed to him. The other main character is played by Kevin Spacey as the voice of the base computer, Gertie. He does a sort of Hal-voice. He also has an emoticon for a face which was a good solution.

I thought this was a good film, an interesting SF film, and it's pleasant to see an SF film that doesn't insult your intelligence. The story will work for people whose standards are set by written SF. I don't think it's a film that in years to come you will think 'Oh, why didn't I go see it?' or one that fills you with that sense of cosmic excitement and sublimity. But I liked it, I like Sam Rockwell, and I like any actor who takes a part seriously without being all 'I'm an actor' about it. The emotion you are left with is compassion.

This reminded me a lot of a similar small-scale SF film from the early eighties, Android, starring Klaus Kinski and Don Keith Opper as an innocent young fellow stuck on a space station (though as the name would imply, with a different premise). That's worth checking out if you get the chance some time.

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