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Radiohead: Just a band (allegedly)

I am very sorry I have missed a lot of interesting posts and events in people's lives. It's been a busy week. My daughter went to Reading festival, her first. She had a great time, and saw Radiohead. I was watching the TV coverage at the same time. I know I am not an unbiased judge, but I thought they played a jolly good set, well balanced between the more and less accessible, and in a context in which the less accessible made sense, didn't seem to be an abandonment of what had gone before, but a continuation. However, I was struck by how the overall feeling is one of grief, just a great sad feeling that builds up as you are listening to them. Remember that Father Ted episode where the guy hears Radiohead on the bus?

I sometimes go for a walk and listen to In Rainbows, and it continues to make me feel sort of giddy and wacked-out. Perhaps I don't really listen to the music or enjoy it the way a lot of Radiohead fans do, but instead there's a noise that I am hardly able to follow or understand properly, and then a massive emotional reaction which I assume is associated with the incomprehensible noise. I'm exaggerating my hopelessness a bit for effect.

My daughter camped four nights, and got on fine. However, she said on the fourth night (after Radiohead) a big group of festival goers went on the rampage, burning other people's tents and belongings in big bonfires. I am glad she was with a group of friends, including several big lads. She took her tent down, and slept outdoors, in fact stayed awake most of Sunday night, guarding her property. I am very angry that this is accepted as normal behaviour at a festival. I hate to say 'it wasn't like this in my day' but it bloody wasn't.

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