Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Inglourious Basterds

I was thinking of going to see the new Tarantino tonight, but Bradshaw in the Guardian gives it a rock-bottom one star.

My son went to see it on Monday and said 'You remember the scene in Defiance where they shoot the Nazi collaborator, and his son, and his wife begs them for her life? If you wanted them to shoot her, you'll like this film.' Which he did, because he's all 'If you can shoot rabbits then you can shoot fascists' and I'm not. However, he also said the music was good.

Anyone seen it and care to advise?

ETA - someone posted a comment on this and I replied to it - and then I tried to lock the post from further comments, and what's happened is I've deleted the comments altogether.

To who posted - I wasn't trying to delete your comment - I apologise. My reply to you was that you need to move on for your own sake. I tried to lock comments to force any further discussion to private email, but I screwed up. You can email me privately, that would be much better. Please look after yourself.

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