Communicator (communicator) wrote,

the Extirpation of Dissonance

Do you think this is a piss-take?

Noise by no means constitutes an autarchic fandom: it pulverizes the resources of cultural and aesthetic categorisation by diagonalizing the opposition between 'elitist' classical modernism and mass-market pop culture.

Sadly, I think they mean it.

The fact that there are now as many Merzbow as Beatles CDs in the racks of the London chain-stores is more than just a symptom of 'recuperation' and an affront to all norms of aesthetic decorum.

Incidentally, have you ever seen a Merzbow CD in Tesco? Also, that isn't a grammatical sentence.

Anyway, there is a conference on the subject in March.

Noise is an unmapped continent in comparison with which everything we recognize as music remains a parochial backwater. We invite participants to participate in this provisional mapping.

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