Communicator (communicator) wrote,

James May at the edge of space

A poem I'm working on. I was thinking of taking out all the punctuation, but instead I have tightened it up since I posted this.

James May at the edge of space

Affable television presenter shot at vast expense

into the upper, upper top of air

sucked peach-mush in his suit and strapping,

looked on the curvature of Earth and said

"I can’t find the words."

AA Gill was outraged: "James,

if you can’t find the words

what are you doing on television?"

Neil Armstrong was on television once;

his words were written by another man,

and then he spoke no more.

The biosphere is a meniscus, which

refracts the sunlight in a blue slice.

At the edge of space it becomes clear

that Earth is our god but she is unconscious of us.

She is as dumb as rock,

and we must speak for her:

Neil, James, and all men and women

with dark minds

inimical to understanding

as the crushing interior of the sun -

that which we dare not see and may not know.

Below the sky, thoughtless of space,

drift into our gaping mouths, gold

words melting unearned like sunflakes.

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