Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Loch Fyne

H has been working so hard lately, they said 'Take communicator out for a meal this weekend and charge it to us'. We didn't go mad, we just went to the Loch Fyne oyster restaurant in Kenilworth. I must say I was really impressed: simple surroundings, good service and very fresh seafood. I had a dozen oysters and halibut with capers. H had some smoked venison and a seafood platter. It's almost walking distance from our house, and it's not the sort of place you have to dress up too posh. Excellent. They also do free jazz evenings, so it's ideal for us. I recommend the chain if there's one near to you.

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    I see Gove has backed down on climate change and it's back in the curriculum again.

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    My book is now for sale

  • LJ Settings

    At the moment I have set up this journal so that only friends can comment. I hate doing this, but I was just getting too much Russian spam.

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