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Telegraph vs Times

The Daily Telegraph is printed daily in France, so I read it quite a bit on hols. The main non-tabloid alternative was the Times a day late. Now, The Times isn't a great newspaper, heaven knows, but it was remarkable how it showed up the Telegraph's thinness. I would read the day's news in the Telegraph, and then read the same day's news 24 hours later in The Times and it was like 'Oh, so that was what was happening'. The Telegraph left out lots of important information about front page stories like the fire in that block of flats and had literally pages and pages on the Royal Family every day.

Also it was noticeable that the Times puzzles were a lot more intellectually challenging than the Telegraph. These days I do killer sudoku, which the Guardian only does at the weekend, but to a pretty challenging standard. The Telegraph and Times offer it daily - the telegraph at a very easy level, and the Times at graded levels, getting harder through the week. I tried to do 1187 (accessible here)on the ferry, that's at the hardest level, and I simply could not do it, which I found quite hard to accept :-)

I've got no love of The Times which is owned by Murdoch, whom I loathe, but I think it exposes the Telegraph as aimed at the dumb.

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