Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Power and suffering

Mr Happy posts about some of the differences between socialism and liberalism, and associates socialism with an indifference to civil liberties. The post is certainly worth a read, as is the sub-linked post on the abuse of the term political corrrectness. Unfortunately commenting is broken on Mr H's blog, so I am responding here.

EDIT forgot to link to the post. Sorry, this is where it is.

Morality and politics have to balance two incompatible goals - protecting from harm, and allowing new and varied experiences. I see these as the goals of socialism and liberalism. If either operates unrestrainedly then the result would be abomination (see for example that EM Forster book... what is it? 'When the machine stops' or something)

It is right that some people argue all-out for civil liberties. It is also right that some people put their weight behind relieving the suffering of their constituents. If either of these incompatible values was neglected the political process would suffer.

That is why I think that 'good' is a feature of a set of people, who take different roles, not something that individuals can attain in isolation.
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