Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Mitchell(s) and Webb

While I'm obsessing on politics, here's a great article by David Mitchell in today's Observer. He writes like a dream doesn't he? Modest and yet assertive.

Sir Alan Sugar comes across on TV as exactly the sort of cock who Tory voters like. His brand of "no-nonsense" nonsense and second-hand rhetoric, and his public affirmation that wealth makes what you say more important, are perfectly judged to appeal to the sort of idiot who thinks David Cameron talks a lot of sense, even though all he does is repeatedly bleat "change" like a tramp in a doorway.

And I read in the Guardian interview this week that he still lives in a council flat with a lodger, and he hasn't had a girlfriend for seven years? Ladies of Britain, what the hell are you thinking? Knickers on standby.

Meanwhile, in a shock overthrow of literary convention writer David Mitchell is more conventionally good looking than actor David Mitchell.

BTW - I missed Robert Webb's documentary on poetry last week - I could kick myself, and it isn't on replay any more. How annoying.
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