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More BNP stats

And on the BNP, Daniel links to this polling report which indicates that the BNP is not drawn from disaffected Labour voters, but from the Tory-voting minority within the working class.

If BNP supporters (have parents that vote Labour) are , male working class voters therefore, the natural conclusion that it’s Labour they are taking support from. This falls down, however, on some other questions - asked if they’d rather have Cameron or Brown as PM, BNP voters opt for Cameron by 59% to 17%. Asked to place themselves on the political spectrum they put themselves right of centre, in roughly the same place as they do the Tories. 22% of them think the Tories care about people like themselves, only 6% say the same about Labour. In short, the people the BNP seem to appeal to are actually “working class Tories” - the sort of traditional working class voters who under other circumstances might shift over to the Conservatives.

This is a great relief to me, as I thought these people were Labour supporters gone bad, very bad. This is how it has been presented in the mainstream media.

I should note that the rest of the article indicates that Labour and Tory voters are close together on many anti-BNP-type issues, such as disbelieving in racial inferiority, with BNP supporters radically different from all the mainstream parties, so I'm not saying BNP are 'typical Tories' gone bad either.

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