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Cultural Identity

A jolly good Internet quiz from vilakins: 'What is your cultural identity'.

ETA - I think the description is misleading because I said I value my own cultural traditions, and don't want to lose them, and don't really want to live anywhere else or be a different culture. However, I did recognise a map of Japan.

Your result for The Cultural Identity Test...

The Liberal Philosopher

56% Traditionalism, 73% Knowledge, 74% Diversity, 40% Contemporary and 43% Untraditionalism!


You Scored 74% Liberal Philosopher, Congratulations!

Diversity! Cultural awareness! Sharing! Caring!

Congratulations, you're a liberal philosopher! Perhaps a bit bleeding heart at times, and maybe a little too nice for your own good, you nevertheless bring a strong sense of individualism and unity to those around you. Liberating the minds of the traditionalists from their stodgy conformity, you seek to spread the good will of peace, understanding, and diversity.

You likely find little value in the traditions of old, and instead see them as myopic and intolerant. You are very progressive in your ideas towards race and heritage, and are probably pretty much colour blind. Which is good for you, because there's no better way to lead than by example.

You are probably more sensitive to the ideas of other cultures, sometimes even at the expense of your own! But you see this as a good thing, because after all, how can diversity prosper if we cling to our own ways more tightly than to those others? It's a big, beautiful world out there, and you just can't wait to share it with everyone.

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