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Dave Nellist

I was in the pub last night listening to people talk about MPs. There is a lot of good feeling for Dave Nellist, who used to be MP for this part of Coventry: he is now a Socialist councillor, after being deselected by the Labour party back in the 90s. Specifically I could hear people in the pub celebrating his well known rejection of high income.

He took only the wage of a skilled factory worker (40% of what he could have earned), less than half that which other MPs took for themselves, the rest he donated back to the Labour movement and to charities.

He is very well known for this in Coventry. He now represents the area where I do voluntary work - not the precise area, actually, that returns his Socialist party colleague Rob Windsor (I think).

Anyway, I would say Coventry is not a particularly socialist city, but Nellist wins people's respect for having a grim and austere integrity. Personally I probably find him a bit too austere, but I have decided I will vote for his party if they put up a candidate in our ward. I think they may not, as his old constituency, of Coventry South East (which covered where I live) has been split up, and I think I'm in the posh bit, which votes Tory.

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