Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Star Trek

I enjoyed it thoroughly, and it seems so did everyone else on my f-list who saw it. I was impressed by the care with which the two leads emulated the physical and verbal mannerisms of the originals, without caricaturing them. The ways that Shatner used to move - and Chris Pine deserves big credit for doing the Kirk voice, in a recognisable way, without. Relying on. Exaggerated pauses. I was struck by one point during a fight where he was thrown down and ruefully grimaced up at his opponent. I thought - wow, you really watched the original episodes with care. And the same goes for all the leads. Very impressive, and considerate of the original. Karl Urban was excellent as a young Bones.

In general perhaps not five star -I'd save that for my all time best films- it was very good indeed, and I think we'd all like to see more in this vein.

Quite a few SF tropes were cheerfully referenced, and so in general I think pats on the back all round and lashings of Romulan ale.

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