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Dear Diary

Last year I used to think my life had got pretty boring, but at present I have far to much to do. I've been busy every day and night for a week now, and I want to have a chance to catch up with my Jamaica book, but I just don't get any chance. I also want to catch the film 'State of Play' and the series finale of Mad Men which was broadcast on Tuesday night. I'll see if I can get that via the BBC website tonight. Also I want to pick up an Amazon purchase from the parcel office.

On Saturday I met up with my brother, whose daughter was born quite prematurely. She is now almost three, and she's so fit and well, and her language development is exemplary. I find it hard to believe to be honest.

A really fun thing I did on Sunday was to walk along the Grand Union canal with H. We left one car at Warwick Parkway train station, got both into the other car and drove a few miles up the canal to Knowle, and walked back. It took six hours to get back, but the great thing about canal walking is that there are lots of old pubs along the canalside, so we stopped three times en route.

On Monday I went with my kids to the Silurian sandstone at Dudley. Unfortunately the weather was awful, but we found a few small fossils. Compared to the Jurassic Coast the fossils are not highly dramatic, and half-faded. But then I think, the ammonites are 70 million years old - and that's bloody old - but these are 400 million years old. That's incredible. No wonder they look almost decayed and melted, even in stone form.

Anyway, sorry if this is a bit boring but I just wanted to do a little life update blog post.
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