Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Frustrating day

I had a very frustrating day today. I had bought tickets for my sister and her two kids and me to go and see Anthony Sher in the Tempest at the Sheffield Lyceum. The play started at 2pm. At 12 my sister said 'shall I make lunch?' I said, no, let's get off early, eat there. She lives about 15 miles from the theatre. It took more than two hours to drive those 15 miles (some of that was because my sis got very stressed and got lost in the city centre looking for parking). I personally was too tired to go into the play, though my sister and the youngsters sneaked in about 25 minutes in, during a break.

Also, I'm a bit worried about how tired I am. It took me another four hours to drive back to my house from Sheffield (that's about 100 miles) because I had to stop at Trowell services on the M1, and I just fell asleep in the car. I mean, I parked it first, but then I fell asleep behind the steering wheel. Then I service-station-hopped home, stopping at each one to rest and have coffee.

It might be that the stresses of the past few weeks have caught up with me. Also trying to do this more senior job and write the book is quite a difficult combination. I hope I'm not going down with something.

Incidentally - this Mexico flu situation has been concerning me the last couple of days.

Gosh I'm cheery today aren't I?
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