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Two things

I like this post, linked to by andrewducker. The premise is 'everything can be boiled down to two simple rules'. I think some of the examples are daft, but some are pretty good

1. Hit.
2. Don't get hit.

1. Don't forget your lines.
2. Don't run into the furniture.

1. Plato was wrong.
2. Wittgenstein was right.

Two Things about writing:
1. Honesty is all that matters.
2. Apply bum glue liberally.

That's pretty good. This one is bad

1. Write what you know.
2. Be as short and simple as possible.

well, not bad, just not as good as it might be.

(some I just thought of)

1. Say what you want to say.
2. Say it as well as you can.

1. Think something no-one ever thought before
2. Make other people think it too.

1. be honest about everything
2. offer unconditional respect

If any person could get those two things right, they could do any therapy. Probably the same 2 rules apply to being a parent.

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