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Different identities - The Ex-Communicator

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April 15th, 2009

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11:16 pm - Different identities
I've put a dreamwidth disposition on. I'm terribly bad at getting acclimatised to new things though. I'll see how I can get used ot it.

This blog post (via metafilter) is about the silly names that radio presenters have on NPR in the States. No idea. But the method for determining your 'NPR' name is funny:
You take your middle initial and insert it somewhere into your first name. Then you add on the smallest foreign town you’ve ever visited.

Mine would be Almison Lautrec which is a great name isn't it? Well, for some definitions of 'great'. I may use it as a pseudonym.

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Date:April 16th, 2009 07:08 am (UTC)
'This is Almison Lautrec reporting live from the UK... back to Hjolly Hellingly in the studio'

NPR must be a very strange place

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