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Interview with Christopher Hitchens

OK this is a link to an interview with a religious sceptic, and as it is the Christian festival of Easter today I'm lj-cutting it. Please don't click if that's not something you want to engage with right now. On the other hand I think it's a good example of an intelligent person making their case.

I am not a great fan of Christopher Hitchens, but I like this radio interview with him which PZ Myers has posted. He kicks arse. I'd like to read a transcript of it.

(the Youtube link is in two clips, but the last five minutes of the second clip is empty)

I like this because I have been there so often, where Hitchens is. The notion that one has not considered these flimsy arguments, and a lack of realisation of how flimsy they are. It's nice to hear him keeping his composure, replying politely to every point raised.

I don't know whether anything will ever come of repeated polite engagement. But this is why, although I am not strictly an atheist, I feel an affinity and respect for atheism. I feel it has a clean and bracing quality.

Hitchens, and god knows he's a drunk and a war monger, nevertheless comes across as more highly - I don't know - more spiritually developed than the other guy. He'd probably hate to be told so, and I know it's a very woo-woo thing for me to say. But that's how it feels to me.

ETA here's an MP3 of the interview

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