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Red Dwarf weekend

I'm sitting at the computer a lot at the moment because I want to clear as much of this book as I can while the weather isn't very good. I'm off work most of this week, and I'm really torn between wanting to write and wanting to get away from the computer.

Last night I watched Red Dwarf on Dave. They had the new one, and then followed it with the Gunmen of the Apocalypse episode and Quarantine (Mr Flibble) which are both terribly good. Plus the episode from season 7 about the Kennedy Assassination - which I didn't think was quite as bad as I remembered it, but nevertheless wasn't quite right somehow.

I don't know what to think about this new one. It's the first stage of a continuing story that spans three episodes (I think) which is a departure from the usual model, and I think a verdict needs to wait for the development of the full thing over this weekend.

It was nice to see the interaction between the guys again. Danny John Jules has kept his figure amazingly well. I thought the acting was good, on the whole. Strangely, I slightly missed the sound of a studio audience. I'll have to wait and see how I feel about the whole thing.

I think looking back at the two classic episodes, they had brilliant timing and pacing, and that's slightly difficult to capture.

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