Communicator (communicator) wrote,

couple videos you might like

Making pancakes, after Deadwood. This may tell you whether you would enjoy Deadwood. And indeed pancakes. You cocksucker.

Watchmen to Paranoid Android Obviously the video maker was working with very limited footage (the trailers?) Interestingly I think this video uses the film to illuminate the sobbing losing-consciousness feeling of the song, which is different from the typical video, which uses the song to illuminate the visuals. The definition of the visuals is a bit dodgy but nevertheless I think it works best on full screen. The last minute and a half disintegrates the film into an abstract throbbing of colour, so you have to experience it as music-with-visuals. (ETA however, the photoshoppery of Dr M playing the guitar is idiotic and demeaning)

and (more closely matching the film to the song title) Blade Runner to Paranoid Android. Now this is a fine video, which reminds me how bloody good Blade Runner is. And how handsome Harrison Ford was - finest looking man I've ever seen.

Just finished watching that last one again and my heart is thumping in my chest, I nearly cried in the office.
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