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Taggart-related humour

I still watch Taggart whenever it's on. And about half the time it's just awful - they have such terrible scripts sometimes. It's not what it was - I loved the original Taggart, I still loved it when Jardine was in charge. Sometimes I really like it still, and sometimes I'm thinking 'why am I still loyal to this garbage'.

I saw an interesting news story today. Protesting parents have occupied two schools in north-west Glasgow, which the council is proposing to combine into one. Yes... 'There's been a Merger, in Merryhill'.

Sigh - I've waited twenty years for that headline.

There are two comedies I watch on telly these days. Both BBC, neither very well known. Early Doors is set entirely in a pub called The Bunch of Grapes' - I like very formally limited comedies, where all the weight is on the performances. It's very low key.

At the other end of the scale is NewTown starring Mark Gatiss. It's as you would expect peculiar and gruesome. Two very strange architects, similar to Gilbert and George, may have killed the head of Scottish Heritage by pushing him off a georgian steeple. Daniela Nardini is in it - cor.

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    At the moment I have set up this journal so that only friends can comment. I hate doing this, but I was just getting too much Russian spam.

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