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do we long for comments

Pithy comment on blog comments by Ezra Klein :

The number of comments a post gets is not, in any way, analogous to the importance attached to the post by commenters... Comments are not a reflection of how much your audience cares about a topic. They are a reflection of how much they have to say on it. As a blogger, I think that actually exerts a subtly pernicious influence on my writing... since I, like many bloggers, use the vibrancy of my comment sections as a way to not feel like a crazy person ranting in cyberspace, too many low comment posts in a row and I itch to write some pieces that generate a bit of discussion and prove that my cyberfriends are still out there.

Crooked Timber discussion here.

In summary: 'comments sections reflect self-perceived competence to comment rather than interest as such'. I think that's true, and I think I'm more likely to comment on a post about a TV show that's a bit trashy, than a brilliant art installation.

Do you think bloggers get a bit over-anxious about posts that don't get comments? I know it's irrational but nevertheless.
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