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What sticks with you

Here is scriptwriter toddalcott's post on Watchmen
I think, in the months and years to come, (viewers) will find themselves arguing with their friends and haunted by the movie's arresting images. I think they'll start to see ideas and themes from the movie come up in their daily lives, and they'll come back to it ... and maybe they'll be directed back to the book and maybe they'll never completely "get" it, but at least it's out there now to be experienced and to become part of our culture and I can't see that as bad.

The post includes an open letter to fans from David Hayter, one of its screenwriters. I will go and see it again this weekend and see how it strikes me a second time. Hayter wonders whether it will be another Blade Runner.

I still remember seeing Blade Runner when it first came out, in a little cinema in Brighton as it happens. I was awestruck, I loved it, and I felt the rest of the audience loved it too. The atmosphere in the cinema was electric. However, the film did not really hit popular esteem for years. In Adventures in the Screen Trade William Goldman concludes his story of screenwriting with 1982, saying 'no good movies were made this year' - film is dead, he said.

I didn't quite get as extreme a 'bloody hell!' vibe off Watchmen as I did off Blade Runner. However I did get a physical sensation so it did something to me.

I'm just thinking now of films that stuck with me - Alien, Blade Runner, Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting, Memento, Big Lebowski, Spirited Away, quite a few others. When I watched them I got a physical sensation, and also I couldn't sleep after. But I'm afraid it's harder to remember whether I got that sensation from other films that now I don't remember, because they turned out to be rubbish.

Now that I blog I suppose all my bad judgements are post-checkable, if only by myself.

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