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Law and Order: UK

I watched the British spin-off of Law and Order last night. It was written by Chris Chibnall (Life on Mars, Doctor Who '42'). It's got a good cast: Harriet Walter, Freema Agyeman, and the wonderful Bill Paterson. It certainly wasn't a disgrace, or an embarrassing falling-off from the standard of the US versions. It was less glammed up, more spartan in surroundings and dress, which people might like or dislike.

It made me feel much the same as the original Law and Order does - it's fairly engaging at the time, you get caught up in the drama of the case, it raises legitimate questions about society and law - it's not artistically stirring or anything. I find it quite restful. Like a lot of US shows L&O has a fairly rigid episode structure (scene 1: 2 people feint a dummy story which never develops as it is derailed by a gruesome discovery - check... and so on) which this series follows closely.

So, like the original I'd say workmanlike and entertaining, will probably watch regularly, don't expect it to become a must-see.

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