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People at Redemption

I can't sleep because I am thinking of all the things that I did this weekend. I want to say something about everyone I know who was at Redemption. I think what it will show is how Redemption works, which is such a great way of running a convention, that everyone you know is closely involved in doing things, and it's all so participatory and inclusive.

I'm bound to have missed someone, and it might be because I haven't properly matched up real life people with lj names, but I think this will give an indication of what the convention was like, because it is non stop action and it's almost all made by us for us.

This is only a fraction of what each person did but thanks to...
altariel for being on Doctor Who debating panels, and introducing us to Peter Wright from Edge Hill Uni
espresso_addict for excellent conversation in the bar
fifitrix for singing so beautifully at the Cabaret
gair for participating in panels from the floor, and particularly challenging me about gender
gfk88 for hanging out with me
glitterboy1 for being so kind and helping people so self-effacingly
i_smell_shite for being The BBC Godfather in the Cabaret, and organising a party
iainjcoleman for interviewing Paul Cornell
jekesta - I know you were there, but I dont think we met - I hope it was fun for you
julesjones for being so friendly
katlinel for belly dancing to a sinister song in the Cabaret
loli8 for coming to my hypno workshop and being so supportive
piersb for running a creativity workshop
pinkdormouse for helping me with the gender panels, both during and in preparation
siggav for telling me about Iceland
spacefall for being so charming, I wish I could have spoken more to you
steverogerson for running the programme of events
sugoll where to start? For being chair of the con, everything
the_magician for compering the Cabaret with continual aplomb, always excellent
tracey_jane for running art activities for the children
valderys for winning approximately everything and acting as Captain Jack
watervole for running the finance and organising lots of things
waveney for the technical underpinning of the event

Note that watervole is on the committee which will run Eastercon as Odyssey 2010.

Anyway this is my model of how cons should be. Not too small, or focussed, very free form, very inclusive and involving. I feel I am able to participate in a way that suits what I am comfy doing, and not forced to take on things that don't work for me.
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