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Redemption report

The Redemption weekend was very thrilling and we owe great thanks to our friends who organised it. The hotel was distinguished from previous venues by having very obliging and friendly waiting staff, not at all snooty. I'll comment a bit more on the fabulous guests and events in another post.

Compared to other hotels the venue wasn't always as convenient, being vertical rather than horizontal in layout, and having bars on various floors, which sometimes made it hard to track down friends. To aid with this I created a hand-held motion detector and sensor, which showed a map of the air ducts and corridors of the station, with a glowing green blob representing each of the colonists, er, I mean livejournal friends attending the convention.

Using my improvised sensor I walked through the deserted installation. It was eerily quiet, and the conventional Weyland-Yutani atmospheric processing configuration of the Britannia Hotel, Coventry, was in places obscured by bizarre fungoid growths, and excretions of what appeared to be a type of organic glue. Convention weapons policy meant I had to disable my phase-gun before venturing beyond reception, which made me extra jumpy. 'What am I going to use - harsh language?' I reflected to myself. Though come to think of it, together with sarcasm, it had always worked before.

One of the lifts was out of order, and I couldn't help but notice that some kind of acidic residue had burned its way through not only the carpet, but the reinforced steel of the lift floor. A bit of an accident with the hotel breakfast.

My sensor-detector told me that all the conference attendees were in the Cavendish Suite, attending a panel on 'Old or New Who - which is most canonical and generally best?' Imagine the image on my portable screen - all the little green dots, pulsing as one, seemingly crammed into an impossibly small area.

When I got there it had obviously been a hard-fought battle. All of my lj-friends were spread-eagled on the wall, embedded in hardened resin. Some had alien entities glued to their faces (note - could have been lipstick). gfk88 opened his eyes for a moment and groaned 'Kiiilll... mee....' before a ghastly fanged alien leaped from his chest and scuttled away to take part in the Cabaret.

Luckily there was no permanent harm done and everyone had a laugh about it in the bar later.
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