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Conservative movies.

25 best conservative movies of the past 25 years (from National Review Online) is an interesting list. Of course I would say this, but for the most part, the ones that are good aren't conservative, and the ones that are conservative aren't good. But, no, that's too glib, and there are some good films here with interesting political messages.

1: Das Leben Der Anderen. This is a truly great film, and it arguably has an anti-communist message, so it is a very good choice for #1. Of course people like me argue that the similarities in the establishment of communist and capitalist regimes are significant, and that we can learn lessons about the importance of things that money can't buy. I do recommend everyone to watch this film.

2: The Incredibles. Another clever choice for this list, which everyone should watch. Like Vonnegut's short story Harrison Bergeron, conservatives are able to take a message from this about the destructive futility of trying to achieve equality. I personally find something different in it, but that's an indication of the interesting complexity of the film.

3: Metropolitan. I'm afraid I don't know it.

4: Forrest Gump
5: 300

Ah, now I am happy again: after two worryingly good choices the list makers toss an easy ball or two. Two films which are depressing crap, and are arguably depressing crap in so far as they embody conservative principles: the sentimental and the fascist respectively. The overwhelming emotion is one of smothering claustrophobia.

6: Groundhog Day The what? This is not a conservative film by any stretch of the imagination. Hello? If anything this is a Buddhist movie (maybe Gnostic).

7: The Pursuit of Happyness The trailers did make it look like a very conservative film, so I didn't go see it.

8:Juno Included because it is seen as anti-abortion. I would argue that it is pro-choice, because choice includes choosing to have a baby, and having social provision to enable that choice. Blah blah, I'm boring myself now.

9: Blast from the past Haven't seen it, vaguely know what it's about.

10: Ghostbusters You've lost me now. Is there someone in conservative land who is a massive fan of Bill Murray or something? Is he a Republican icon?

11: Lord of the Rings Yes, this is a good choice, it is both a good film (series) and conservative.

12: The Dark Knight No, no, no. The degree of 'no' will be seen from this comment from the person choosing the film.

In his fight against the terrorist Joker, Batman has to devise new means of surveillance, push the limits of the law, and accept the hatred of the press and public. If that sounds reminiscent of a certain former president — whose stubborn integrity kept the nation safe and turned the tide of war — don’t mention it to the mainstream media.

You silly arse.

13: Braveheart Whatever.

14: A simple plan A jolly good film. I didn't see it as particularly conservative I must say. People find loot belonging to gangsters, things go badly wrong. See a hundred other films for more details.

15: Red Dawn Sigh. These are the barrel-scrapings of conservatism now.

16: Master and Commander This is about people living in a conservative society. It's no more 'conservative' than any other intelligent historical fiction.

17: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe If these are your top 25 you are in trouble.

18: The Edge
19: We were soldiers

Haven't seen these. Pretty sure they are conservative.

20: Gattacca What the fuck? This is an anti-conservative film. The reviewer comments 'Biotechnology is a force for good, but without adherence to the ideal of universal human equality, it opens the door to... dystopian nightmare.' So hand back your membership card of young fascist international then, you twit.

21: Heartbreak Ridge The US army takes on the might of Grenada and wins. Big whoop.

22: Brazil See Gattacca. This is the comment given by the conservative who picked it.

Terrorist bombings, national-security scares, universal police surveillance, bureaucratic arrogance, a callous elite, perversion of science, and government use of torture...

Yeah, sound familiar does it?

23: United 93 I thought this was a good film, which gave a more rounded view of the incident than is implied here, but I can see that a conservative would enjoy it and fair enough.

24: Team America, World Police I am happy to let them have this as a representation of their world view. I wouldn't want to live there.

25: Gran Torino I haven't seen this yet, but I took it to be one of Clint's revisionist films. I mean, Clint is a Republican, but he's a thoughtful guy, so this one will be worth watching I expect.

ETA - Crooked Timber discussion here
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