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TV and well-being study - follow-up

I posted in December about an ongoing research project that I had signed up to. Each week you fill in a poll saying what you have been watching on TV (by genre not by actual show) and a second q'aire about your mood. They give you a list of emotion words and you say how much you have felt that emotion this week.

The hypothesis they are testing is that there is a statistical relationship between particular genres and low self-esteem (Rom Coms were mentioned in the initial publicity). How they unpick this, determine the direction of any causality etc, I couldn't say.

Anyway, I've been doing this every week, and I have really noticed that I give more positive answers now than in mid-December. I think I was tired out then, and probably a bit of post-flu effect. Doing the survey has made me realise how this has improved. I noticed many lj people were feeling wobbly in December, particularly those of you who had gone down with flu. I think there's been a general lifting of spirits around the place lately. Hope this applies to you.

BTW I don't think my lifting of mood has anything to do with telly.

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