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Defiance is a war film starring Daniel Craig with lots of fighting. Yummy. Three Polish-Jewish brothers escape from the Nazi genocide, and almost against their wishes establish a haven for Jews escaping from the ghettos, in the forests of Belarussia. It is based on a true story, and I really have no idea how close it is to what really happened. I do like war films. I don't think this is a classic, and I doubt this will be one of the big all time memorable war films, but I enjoyed it. It was very exciting.

The partisans have two massive disadvantages. Firstly they haven't really got any kit at all - they start off standing in a wet forest in their jackets and trousers, with four bullets. The second disadvantage is that the people who come to them are more or less just representative of the local population - middle aged accountants and skinny teenage girls etc.

My favourite bit of Gladiator is where Maximus and his fellows are miserably under-armed, representing the Carthaginians, and a bunch of heavily armed chariots are let into the arena. There is only one possible approach in that situation, which is to attempt to annexe some of the enemy arms, and then turn them back to annexe more, and work up from there. Maximus I think trips a chariot up, and takes it over.

This is the same approach the partisans use in the face of the Nazi invaders. The other strategy they have to use is to fall back, back.

The film made me think about the need to be positive, optimistic and courageous. This is something happytune and I have been talking about lately.

It does not include (I thought) too many Hollwood cop-outs. The main cop-out is that the heroes are seen to look agonised while the most dirty but necessary actions are delegated to less heroic figures. Anyway, I just ignored those bits, and the more sentimental bits, and enjoyed the fighting.

No, I only like action films when they make some sort of sense, and this one does. Also Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber both give excellent serious chewy performances, as you would expect. Actually so does whatsisname Billy Elliot as their kid brother.

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