Communicator (communicator) wrote,

A year in five fives

Meme from jekesta and nwhyte:

1. My top five books that I have read this year that I hadn't read before already

Black Man : Richard Morgan
No Country for Old Men: Cormac McCarthy
The Night Watch: Sarah Waters
The Carhullan Army: Sarah Hall
World War Z: Max Brooks

2. These are my least favourite books of the year

House of Lost Souls: FG Cottam
The Unblemished: Conrad Williams
Neuropath: Scott Bakker

Only 3 (was it supposed to be 5?) All modern horror. I am looking for a type of book that perhaps doesn't exist, and always disappointed.

3. These are the top five things I have watched this year that I have loved this year

Mad Men
The Wire
The World Cup
Doctor Who (even though I didn't always like it)

4. The top five films I loved this year

No Country for Old Men
There will be blood
In Bruges
The Dark Knight

5. These are my five posts that have had most comments this year but aren't filtered

Grey Fox - 60 comments (dyeing your hair)
Bob... Shut up - 38 (ricky gervais on atheism)
Looking and seeing - 44 (censoring Klimt)
Winter draws on - 46 (poll - have you put on your central heating)
Life on Mars - 40 (the american version)
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