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God rest ye merry gentlemen

archbishopm draws our attention to dr_ninjapants' list of 50 hottest celebrities. He or she has listed 50 of each gender. Boy that's a lot of celebrities.

What do you do with lists? Why, you underline and embolden them to indicate your engagement with the items, er, human beings on the list. Look. I know every single person on this list is better looking than I was or ever will be. But just as a matter of interest, and what it reveals about me, as archbishopm says sometimes disagreement is an interesting as consensus, I have bolded the ones I think are totally hot, and strike-out the ones I haven't even ever heard of or recognise them. (I don't include the list of female celebrities)

dr_ninjapants has provided pictures of each guy, so check back on the link above if you aren't sure who each one is. I wasn't.

50. Matt Stone
49. Michael Caine
48. Richard Biggs
47. Mark Wahlberg
46. James Hetfield
45. Bill Gates
44. Evan Adams
43. Greg Proops
42. Tony Todd
41. Stephen Lynch
40. James McAvoy
39. Naveen Andrews
38. Zachary Levi
37. James Purefoy
36. Dennis Christopher
35. Robert Downey Jr
34. Adrian Edmondson

33. Danny Elfman
32. Liev Schreiber

31. Kiefer Sutherland
30. Trey Parker
29. Daniel Craig
28. Michael C. Hall
27. B.D. Wong
26. W. Earl Brown
25. Adam Baldwin
24. David Bowie
23. John Linnell
22. Heath Ledger
21. Henry Rollins
20. Robert Englund
19. Sung Kang
18. Paul Dano

17. Christopher Meloni
16. Steve Buscemi
15. Jim Parsons
14. Anthony Head
13. Kevin McKidd
12. Scott Bakula

11. Paul Giamatti
10. Lee Tergesen
9. Brad Dourif
6. Clancy Brown
7. Jeffrey Combs
6. Gary Farmer

5. James Urbaniak
4. Seth Green
3. Crispin Glover
2. David Duchovny
1. Seth Rogen

Runners-Up (Runners up?)

15. Xander Berkeley
14. Johnny Depp
13. Ice Cube
12. Sacha Baron Cohen
11.Shahrukh Khan
10. Peter Lorre
9. Michael Wincott
8. Benedict Wong

7. Chris Cooper
6. Alan Rickman
5. Gael Garcia Bernal
4. Eric Stoltz

3. Steve Agee and Brian Posehn
2. William B. Davis
1. Michael Pare
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