Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Chaos does not reign: it pours

Pictures of untidy workspaces submitted to the BBC. I thought I was untidy. Now I realise I am nowhere.

My workspace and my home can get bad, but they never get anything like some of these. That's partly because I like to throw things away. Computers make that easier.

Pics 1 and 2, pretty bad
Pic 3 - cute
Pics 4 and 5 - utterly horrible, they make me feel depressed to look at them
Pic 6 - a spoof - 'Wolfgang Danspeckgruber is chair of the Liechtenstein Institute of self-determination at Princeton University'? Sure he is
Pic 7 - this most closely resembles my desk at work (my neighbour leaned over a few minutes ago when I was going through the pics and said 'yours is like that') perhaps not quite that bad
Pic 8 - this most closely resembles my workspace at home, on a bad day, when H has got all his guitars out. Cue a frenzy of throwing things away.
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