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Histon Wallander

Just came in from a lovely cold walk to see Histon beat Leeds United 1-0. Tee hee. Histon go on to meet Swansea; they must have hoped for a richer reward. Meanwhile H's team, Chesterfield, are in limbo as their FE Cup match yesterday with Droylsden had to be abandoned because of the fog. England actually resembled its fog-bound stereotype yesterday. As I said to happytune, Coventry looks quite attractive when the lens is thickly enough smeared in the vaseline of fog.

Tonight - I recommend watching Kenneth Branagh as detective Kurt Wallander on BBC 1 tonight. Apparently Seamus Heaney is a big fan.

(Branagh's)interpretation of Kurt Wallander, the troubled detective created by bestselling Swedish author Henning Mankell, dominates every scene of the gripping 90-minute adaptations ... (they) have an alien, unnerving feel to them, thanks in part to the vast, empty landscapes in which they’re set, but also due to the intense, near-voyeuristic focus of the camera on the emotions of their hero. (Telegraph - couldn't find a Guardian review)

Cor, sounds exciting and grown up.

ETA - my daughter was watching The IT Crowd last night. Roy and Moss doing that thing you get in caper movies, where two characters up to no good have to pretend to snog while a police car comes by. And an absurdly large number of police cars kept streaming past. LOL.

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    At the moment I have set up this journal so that only friends can comment. I hate doing this, but I was just getting too much Russian spam.

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