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Flu TV

I'm feeling a bit better today. Phoned the doctor, they said could I call back tomorrow as the doctor has flu. Will do.

Flu TV: Lots of black and white films on Film 4. Peter Finch seems to be in most of them. Not complaining.

On Sunday I saw BBC Little Dorrit, and I thought it was good. A bit like a Harry Potter film, without anything flying or zapping. Almost everyone off British TV is in it, including most of Torchwood. 14 one-hour episodes - phew. (NB I see the DVD of the 2-part Little Dorrit film from 1988 with Derek Jacobi was released on Monday. Female director. I've heard it called the best ever Dickens adaptation, but it came out a few weeks after my son was born so I never saw it).

My son, now all growed, and his sister, are watching Dead Set - the Charlie Brooker zombie Big Brother story - on E4 all week. I'm not watching that before descending into feverish dreams. I had a nightmare about Jonathan Ross last night. That was bad enough, and he wasn't even a zombie.

The other thing I've seen is Spooks. By that time of evening feeling a bit washed out, so only kind of eyeballed it. Pleased to see Ros back. Guy of Gisbourne with tattoos - easy on the eye. That's all I've got. Will watch next week.

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