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I am celebrating organised religion, and the replacement of Father Jack as my icon, by directing you to a site listing all the priests mentioned in the sitcom Father Ted.


Father Brian Eno, an attendee at 'It's Great Being a Priest '98', portrayed in a performance of rare depth and quality by Brian Eno.
Father Kevin, whose suicide attempt Ted foils, cured of depression by the 'Theme From Shaft', only to fall prey to Radiohead.
Father Jessup, the most sarcastic priest in Ireland and PA to Bishop Brennan: "No. I'm up in space doing important work for NASA."
Mattie Hyslop, a ne'er-do-well who saw the light and formed his own cult based on masochism and self-abasement. Chronically allergic to cats, he used to carry a kitten in his pocket and from time to time take it out and sniff it.
Father Tiernan, Father Rafter, Father Cafferty and Father Leonard, friends of Ted's who step in to fill an awkward hiatus by performing as a Kraftwerk-style electro group

And so on.

Mrs Doyle, in a misguided attempt to guess a priest's name, extemporises the names of imaginary priests for almost an hour (fortunately a large chunk of which is cut out):

Fr. Andy Riley, Fr. Desmond Coyle, Fr. George Byrne, Fr. David Nicholson, Fr. Declan Lynch, Fr. Ken Sweeney, Fr. Neil Hannon, Fr. Keith Cullen, Fr. Ciaran Donnelly, Fr. Mick McEvoy, Fr. Jack White, Fr. Henry Bigbigging, Fr. Hank Tree, Fr. Hiroshima Twinkie, Fr. Stick Bubblecart, Fr. Johnny Hellzapoppin' , Fr. Luke Duke, Fr. Billy Ferry, Fr. Chewy Louie, Fr. John Hoop, Fr. Hairy Cakelinum, Fr. Ebula Conundrum, Fr. Peewee Stairmaster, Fr. Tight Head Lips, Fr. Jemima Racktouey, Fr. Jerry Twig, Fr. Frodo Komodo, and of course Fr. Canabrana Lammer.

She hits on the right name (Todd Unctious) after barely an hour of this,

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