Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Surfeit sicken and so die

Yesterday I felt a bit yuck, so I went for a walk for a couple of hours with H, but then I stayed in and had a quiet day. All good. Unfortunately I made a stupid decision to browse about on the Internet for several hours. Normally I do dip in and out quite frequently during the day, but yesterday I put in some real continuous time, and by the end of it I felt like a person who binges at the fridge. Each bite seems tempting but cumulatively you feel sick and disgusted.

Worst of all, I ended up reading a load of comments on a Fox news site (I know, asking to be sickened) with a load of tossers going on about how they are stockpiling weapons and survival gear in case Obama 'steals the election' they can become 'patriotic freedom fighters'. I know it's not my country in danger, but the stupid was pretty intense. For idiotic reasons to do with being lazy and curious I kept reading.

And then it poisons your eyes somehow so I went back to my own blog and suddenly everything I had written for days seemed grotesque (this may be partly the effect of whatever virus was making me feel poorly anyway). It was like 'The goggles, they do nothing!'.
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