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Looking into The Dead Zone

I have promised myself I won't blog too much on the American presidential campaign; mainly because for those who are interested in it there are plenty of blogs which can offer more informed comment than I can. I know I am merely an outside observer. I like pandagon and digby: both, now I think of it, written mainly by women. Group blog metafilter also has a lot of interesting threads at the moment.

I said about six months ago that I thought we would see tactics and abuse the like of which we have never seen before in this election. And now McCain has unleashed an evil force, both through his own actions, but most culpably by giving Palin a national platform. And he can't control it. Here's a youtube clip of McCain telling his own supporters that he intends to treat Obama with respect - and being booed. Later he tells the crowd - and he sounds folorn - that Obama is not an Arab. There are, if you care to find them, clips of Palin smiling complacently while supporters shout 'Kill him!'.

It's the way she appeals to evil brutalists* and also to kindly but uninformed traditionalists that makes her so dangerous.

There have been a number of SF stories about America sliding into fascism. One of my favourite is The Dead Zone, by Stephen King. Actually I must re-read that.

* Evil brutalists:

Man walking by: ”Commie faggots!”
Woman: “Socialism! Communism!” (random people yell “Go to Russia!” “socialist swine” and “European socialist!")
Filmmaker: “You think they should die?”
Man: ”Everyone dies, don’t they?”

Protestor: “Palin voted to have women pay for their own rape kits. My friends shouldn’t have to pay for their own rape kits. How would you feel about that?”
McCain supporter: ”She should die!” (he means the raped woman)
McCain supporter #2: ”She should pay double!”
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