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A few words

At last the BBC guides us on the 50 top words ever. I was pleased to see two of my personal faves: chthonic and palimpsest. Some of the others are a bit dull.

1. defenestrate

2. Poodle-faker

3. Omphaloskepsis

4. Mallemaroking - the carousing of seamen in icebound ships. (Interesting subject)

5. Spanghew - to cause (esp. a toad or frog) to fly into the air off the end of a stick

6. Scrimshanker

7. Zareba

8.Tmesis - To break one word with another

9. quidnunc (a gossip)

10. Ischial callosities - the leather-like pads on a monkey's bum.

11 cryptomnesia

12. an urt is a "leftover bit".

13. termagant

14. Oxter- space under the arm

15. Spelunking

16. Petrichor - the sweet smell of rain on dry earth (hey! never heard of this one but I know the smell)

17. Frippet

18. Panglossian

19. proprioception

20. turpitude

21. discombobulated

22. Floccinaucinihilipilification

23. Pusillanimous

24. Sepulchral

25. sphygmomanometer

26. Crepuscular

27. Sinecure

28. kakistocracy (useful term - rule by the worst)

29. Chthonic

30. Runcible

31. palimpsest ("A parchment or other writing surface on which the original text has been effaced or partially erased, and then overwritten by another.") can be used as a metaphor for everything

32. susurrus

33. tintinnabulation

34. Maieutic pertaining to intellectual midwifery

35. Crenellate

36. Borborygmus - the rumbling sound that comes from an empty stomach.

37. Fug

38. Metanoia - the act or process of changing one's mind or way of life

39. Estivate

40. Rodomontade(boastful)

41. Slubberdegullion

42. erythrismal, meaning "red by nature".

43. Chatoyant something that glows from deep within, like a cat's eye (chat), or star sapphires

44. enervating

45. Tatterdemalion

46. Mellifluous

47. ideation

48. syzygy (I use this to test the quality of a dictionary, because it's easy to look for)

49. sesquipedalian

50 I may stroke my natiform chin sceptically at Shea's cachinnations, but if such things truly make him tripudiate, then who am I to be the pejorist?

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