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Red Mars on telly

Thanks to Nick at What you can get away with I see that a TV version of Red Mars is planned. Oh man. But there are so many vivid characters and so much happens, how can they hope to do it justice? Will a book which so triumphantly passes the Bechdel test be turned into a program about John Boone and Frank Chalmers fighting over Maya Toitovna? But if it's a series, perhaps they can capture some of the characterisation and complexity.

I hope they get mature actors to play the roles, as the average age of the crew of the Ares is 46, and they only get older from then on in. If it was a film I'd speculate on casting but I don't know the names of many American TV actors.

I am within an hour of the end of Green Mars on audio, and I'm enjoying it even more than when I read the book. It's very exciting. I said at the start of Red Mars that the narrator, Richard Ferrone, wasn't using much voicework to indicate the ages, nationalities and genders of the main protagonists. Which was a fair enough choice. But over the sixty or so hours he has put in for Red and Green Mars this has gradually broken down, and now he's acting Sax with brain-damaged aphasia and Maya as a vigorous and scary old woman, and Desmond with a slight Trinidad accent and so on. Very enjoyable. I'm afraid Blue Mars might disappoint me slightly but Red and Green have been great. Surely his master work.

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    At the moment I have set up this journal so that only friends can comment. I hate doing this, but I was just getting too much Russian spam.

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