Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Return of the King

Went to see Return of the King. It's kick ass. Good fighting. Briliant fighting in fact. I dug the Rohirrim most.

Who was good in it? The oldsters of course. Gandalf showed everyone else up. And the hobbits.

And Elijah Wood seemed to become preternaturally beautiful before one's very eyes, which must be a talent of some sort. As he become more dirty and close to death he looked as if he were created by Michaelangelo. Incredible face.

So the Frodo thing and the fighting thing, very good indeed.

Aragorn I thought was a bit dull in this one, and he was super in the previous two. Perhaps I'll change my mind about that if I see it again.

Legolas was almost embarassingly rubbish, but I suppose it won't matter to his many fans. When he appears round Frodo's door, looking winsome, my daughter said 'Nice Coat' which made me laugh.
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