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I want to see how it ends. Oh it just did.

One side effect of being off work for several weeks is that I watch telly in the early evening. This is because I don't have to do 2 or 3 hours of housework, cooking, washing up and driving people places every night from about 5.30, but I don't have enough energy to do much else. So, I've actually watched a consistent amount of Buffy these last few weeks. This has coincidentally been the final few episodes of the final (seventh?) season.

I've always thought Buffy was OK, but I've never really seen much of it. I have been impressed by this experience though. I think the story arc was quite powerful and it was followed through well, with characters developing in interesting ways. I think the writing takes a fairly predictable pattern: stress/angst/humerous use of modern idiom/perspective shift. But this is good. It's a good model, and it's implemented with consistent quality.

Also, continues to make imaginative use of the conventions of TV drama. Exccellent work.

Compared to earlier seasons the fighting seems a bit less silly, and the baddies seem to be better delineated. I know these aren't crucial considerations but it tended to be the vampires with big foreheads that lost me a little. I also think - though I may be wrong - that it seems to be darker. I mean literally, less light in the camera. And I quite like that.

I also think I am (unfairly) more interested in the characters now they are a bit older. I don't feel I have that much common ground with American high school pupils.

I've seen quite a bit of Andrew, whom archbishopm is so, er... keen (?) on. Good character. Recognise a few of his lines as catch phrases ('in my plan we are beltless'). It's all starting to make sense. Of a sort.

On the negative side, I think some of the character development was a bit too ambitious for the actors. I have always thought Spike was a fun and sexy character, but I think the love-and-goodness changes towards the end of the season were too difficult for the actor to get across in a completely plausible way. I don't think it was the writing, I think it was the acting. Sorry.

Also, it may be that some of the tying up of ends was cheap or facile. However I missed anything like that because I only have a patchy knowledge of what went before.

And finally: these episodes were heavily censored, so I will watch the uncut versions which are due to be broadcast in january.

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