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Beauty in the Disregarded

happytune and I went with a couple of friends to an exhibition of found art called Beauty in the Disregarded last night. happytune describes it here.

The person who had told me about the exhibition had created artworks from found photographs which he had taken from photo booths in the late seventies and early eighties. He said that he felt enough time had passed that it was no longer voyeuristic to share them. I found them quite moving and interesting - playful poses of people who didn't stop to pick up the results. Amusingly one set of photos was clearly made by the actor Martin Clunes as a school boy, pulling silly faces at the camera.

Many of the other things were pieces of broken trash. A small but interesting exhibition. The organiser claimed the venue itself (the Old Library) as a discarded and overlooked thing.

Also abrinsky reminds us that Birmingham Artsfest is coming up, though I am busy that weekend this year.

ETA: abrinsky posts pictures of Beauty in the Disregarded here

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