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ugh, I'm feeling a bit shit, with a sore throat, and it's been like this for days. I wish I hadn't taken holiday this week.

On the subject of sore throats, this Guardian article shocked me:

Members of the average British household spend 34 minutes a day shouting at each other, a poll of couples with children showed last night. It found that just over half the families argue at least once a day. The shouting persists for an hour or more in 35% of homes, rising to 50% in households with more than one child.

Now I think of myself as a pretty shouty person but that sounds extreme. I think people must be exaggerating. If there is ever an hour of shouting at home one evening (and it has happened, for example when my son dropped out of school) I feel shattered for days afterwards, I can't concentrate at work, and I find it hard to forgive myself for letting things get to that state.

ETA Nicholas Lezard muses on the article. I notice after years of writing the annoying 'Slack Dad' articles on how he amusingly doesn't help his wife with the three children, he is now writing (much less annoyingly) as 'Separated dad' and finding, I am glad to say, that his relationship with the children is better now he values the time he spends with them instead of treating them as a responsibility to be avoided.
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