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Cut off by the lions

Every year I buy Colemanballs for Howard, and then read it before I wrap it. Is David Coleman dead? In any case they have renamed it 'Mediaballs' this year. It's full of priceless stuff, and I want to quote loads and loads of it. It's got a lot of stupid answers given by TV quiz show contenstants, which range from the near miss:

Q: Who was the first man on the moon?
A: Louis Armstrong

To the very far miss:

Q: Which of the four elements identified by Aristotle was denoted by the greek prefix 'pyro'?
A: Louis Armstrong

And some priceless nonsense from various celebrities.

"Celebrity is bestial. It's the worst form of Karma. You are like the gazelle that strays from the flock. Soon you are cut off by lions."

That was Brad Pitt. Bless.

Nicky Campbell: But, did Shakespeare ever split an infinitive?
William Shatner: To be or not to be

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