Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Diet and depression

When I came back from holiday I went on a diet. It's not that I eat very badly, I don't binge or eat sweets or crisps or anything, but I am overweight, and I thought I should just bite the bullet and shed some lbs.

I didn't do anything stupid, but I cut back quite a bit on what I eat. All went well for the first week - and you'll see I was blogging daily. Then about the 8th Aug I started to feel a bit gloomy, but I thought I'll tough it out, but then I got very gloomy indeed. A couple of days ago H said 'I am worried about you' and I thought if it's got that bad I need to change my plans, so I dropped the diet yesterday. You'll see that the first thing I posted was a list of food LOL.

I am feeling quite a bit better since yesterday.
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