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Synaesthesia test

Synaesthesia is where you feel colours or see sounds or whatever. Here is an on-line test to see if you are at all susceptible.

Do you hear anything when viewing the moving dots? Play the movie repeatedly for best effect. Some people hear sound when seeing this movie (and also when seeing other examples of moving or flashing objects). The sounds are simple such as whooshing or bubbling, and non-linguistic. The sound perception occurs automatically, not requiring effort or imagination.

If anything I might hear a very faint rasping or scratching sound, but not too much. The only time I get a quite strong synaesthesia effect is when I am falling asleep. If there is a loud sound I see it as a (typically) reddish flash of light. However, this may be that I wake up and my visual system suddenly comes on, so I see light through my eyelids. I also get colours/feelings associated with numbers etc, but these are not consistent and coherent as they are for a true synaesthetic (invented word?).

What about you?

Via metafilter.

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