Communicator (communicator) wrote,

The Singing Ringing Tree

A poem. Probably needs more work.

The Singing Ringing Tree

The silver birch in your garden
Singing and ringing in daylight
And you were tall enough to reach its leaves
The frog becomes a prince
The prince a bear
The waterfalls are frozen
Each human child must learn
Terror and grief

Men in the motorbike alleys
Turn the air blue
And you must pass amongst them
Women glower under peroxide
Witch of the northern moors
The snow-flecked child-betraying moors
Each human child must grow a wolf's claws
Evade the earth's mouth
Always fight

Do not go to that cold waste
Where the tea leaves are, and the white daisies
It is not safe to be a girl, a frog, a flower
You must pass amongst those who devour

Shadows of strangers pass
Behind the curtains of that house
Although you have grown
The silver tree has grown much taller
And all its bells
Ring in the street light
Ex inferno gaudete
Homo est lupus homini

The tree is singing
It knows your werewolf heart
Run, run
As fast as you can
That which nourishes
Also destroys
Go away werewolf
Never come back


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