Communicator (communicator) wrote,

What I saw on my holidays

On the other side of Le Nautilus was a cinema. It rained one day so I went with my daughter to see Wall-E, which I thought was super fun. The cinema was literally packed out; they were using extra fold-out seats to accommodate all the punters. I enjoyed the SF visualisation a lot.

I see on the internet that some people think the film was anti-fat-people. I disagree. I thought the fat people were portrayed as friendly, clever and brave. Their fatness was clearly not linked either causally or metaphorically to any personal moral failing, but instead reflected that they had been let down by the culture they lived in. Sorry if that sounds a bit boringly analytical but that's the quickest way to explain what I felt.

Anyway, that aside, I liked it a whole lot. It was so visual that my daughter who has no French could follow it easily. I cried quite a lot throughout (as usual).
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