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Le Nautilus

I had a very relaxing time in Brittany. I found a really good bar, which makes all the difference. Half an hour walk up the beach, and then another half an hour along a dusty track, brought you to the nearest fishing village, Kerity, where there was this great bar called 'Le Nautilus' which was just so lovely. I don't know if I can explain why I liked it so much. It was very open and light with a wooden floor polished by age and a bar of red and white painted tin. It served the beers I like - Hoegaarden and Leffe. There was music playing most of the time, but it was much less intrusive and annoying than the music you get in English pubs - sort of relaxed piano and that type of thing. It had live blues acts on several times while we were there.

And also, when I'm sitting in a French bar I see far more people who I think 'Oh, they look interesting' than I do in England. For instance the French women seemed to have natural hair and faces, and flat shoes and comfy clothes, whereas the British women I saw looked much less comfortable with elaborate hairstyles and high heels and lots of make-up and tight skirts and so on. I'm obviously not criticising those women's individual decisions which reflect pressures to look and act in a particular way, I'm just saying I found the French style more congenial. The men were nice looking too.

So it was pleasant in the afternoon or evening to sit in a bar with quiet pleasant music and good beer and relaxed good looking people of various ages. H and I used to do the Times crossword. Next door to the bar was 'Cafe Doris' that did fresh oysters off the quay so it was all good.
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